Manually Extracting Veeam Backups

last updated on 2018-04-13

One of the cool things about Veeam Backup & Replication backup data is that you don't need Veeam to be installed to restore it. Normally people would use the Extract Utility, but you don't need to use this if you already have the Veeam Data Mover (VeeamAgent) installed. The Veeam Data Mover consists of a server and client relationship, one that actually can be controlled manually.

First the Data Mover server instance has to be started, and session credentials have to be specified. Then we can instruct the Data Mover client instance to connect to the local port associated with the server instance (using shared memory in our case), using the credentials we set previously. Once the connection is established we can start issuing restore commands. This allows you to restore the data directly from the backup chain without any other Veeam components available. If you look at an example Backup Data Extractor script, you'll see how this works in detail. This script was written to help with restore from Agent backups where we had little information about the source systems, and we needed the internal XML data inside the backup files. If this is useful, if you want to contribute, or have other feedback let me know.